Tuition Reimbursement

St. James Parish Public School System

Professional Growth Reimbursement Program

Contact person: Simone Labat, Director - [email protected]

 Our Commitment:

We encourage all employees to pursue continued education so that each may meet his highest potential.

With the aide of several federal programs and state grants, St. James Parish School System will be able to continue its support of educators as they work toward certification and highly qualified status.  To apply for these funds, an employee must contact the school system as soon as verification of payment and acceptance is received.    Upon successful completion of testing/coursework, the employee will be reimbursed. (Reimbursement checks are issued twice yearly.) Necessary documentation includes receipts, grades/scores, and completed reimbursement form. Guidelines and limits are elsewhere in this brochure.  Funds are limited and on a first-come, first-served basis. Funds can only be reimbursed within one calendar year from completion.  (July 1-June 30)

The school system along with academic representatives from each employee category (service office, teachers, administrators, aides) met to create a priority list for professional growth/certification  funding.  It is our belief, that the best use of funds is to maintain a certified, highly qualified staff.  With this in mind, the following comprises the prioritization of how fees will be reimbursed:

                  1. CERTIFICATION:  Praxis and coursework for the purpose of becoming certified; PL License, OFAT, TAT, and VTIE included.

                  2.  ADVANCED DEGREE/CERTIFICATION:  Any coursework and/or Praxis exams leading to a Masters in a content area or certification in an additional content area
                  3. DUAL ENROLLMENT CREDENTIALS: Any coursework leading to a teacher being credentialed for dual enrollment. 


                  5.  RELICENSURE:  Courses meeting the criteria set forth by the state for renewal of Louisiana teaching license.

Reimbursement Categories


                     Certification (alternative cert. program)

                     Content area specific

                      Administration (during critical shortage only)



                     Content area specific

                     Advanced Degree Program


                     National Board Certification


What Praxis fees will be reimbursed?

Registration fees only; No late fees

How many times per year can a staff member request Praxis reimbursement?

2 times per year per test; will be paid on a first-come-first-served basis; a person can submit more than 2 and if funds become available the fees will be paid with a limit of $400 per person per school year.

What will be reimbursed for coursework?

Coursework pursued from any universities and online universities that are accredited and recognized by the Louisiana State Department of Education

What  specific fee limits apply?

Maximum of $400 per 3 credit hours maximum of $800 per 6 credit  hours; maximum of $1200 per 9 credit hours; no late fees, no technology fees, no parking fees

Any other limits?

A teacher must agree to remain in the district one semester for each semester reimbursed through this program.  This program is considered a loan to be forgiven by teaching for the district.  This means that the semester of teaching must occur when no tuition is being reimbursed.  Failure to teach for the district will result in repayment for the entire tuition loaned to the teacher.

Will all completed coursework be reimbursed?

No, only coursework successfully completed with a grade of “C” or better.

What National Board fees are reimbursed?

Participants may claim a maximum of $800 with the successful completion of the entire certification program.