1. Should basic maintenance include onsite installation? YES. Basic maintenance should include a list of all gear covered billed at an hourly rate for eligible services. SMARTNET only on CORE gear.
  2. Is there extra information on the items covered in the basic mainteance app? NO. Please use the info provided.
  3. Are you looking for the installation and configuration fees to be included in the Network Switches/Hubs section or listed out separately in the Installation-Network section? Please use the Installation-Network section.
  4. Are paper bids accepted? YES, although electronic is preffered.
  5. Are you in need of GBICs for the Cisco gear? YES, please include the following:
    SJH - 8, RES - 4, LES - 4, GES - 6, SWE - 5, FWE - 4
  6. Are you in need of a T-1 interface for the routers? NO. Plan for both copper and fiber hand-off.
  7. On the 2951 Routers that you have listed, what specific configuration are you looking for? (i.e. specific cards, software, etc.) The routers will serve as voice gateways. SRST should be provided for at least 2 analog trunks (FXO). ATA's will handle local faxing.
  8. On the VOIP Licenses, which specific License Part # are you looking to be quoted? Is it UC Enhanced (With or Without Voicemail)? Or is it CUWL Standard? Vendors are encouraged to provide UC upgrade licensing with voicemail.
  9. What version of Call Manager are you running? Call Manager is version: